OUR COLLECTIONS ARE THE ESSENCE OF A LIFESTYLE, OF AN EMOTION, OF A COLOUR, OF A TRIP, OF A DREAM. Challenging time and trends, they will bring to Your houses an unchangeable touch of art, originality, history and fashion. It is an attention turned to our customer, who remains in the center of our company philosophy.

To better guarantee our customers, the griffe CASPANI TINO - 100% MADE IN ITALY is affixed on each item, thus protecting our collections from counterfeiters' imitation attempts and giving You the warranty of an authentic and original brand product.

Quality Made in Italy is the history of our country. It's the memory, the identity, the variety of Italian regions. It's the "artistic know how", creative resource against taste's homologation.

Thanks to Caspani Your dreams
can really come true


Our company was founded some decades ago by Mr. Caspani who, after several and important experiences in furniture field, wanted to dedicate his knowledge to classic style, enriching them with personal interpretations suggested by market trends.

Our products are strictly manufactured in Brianza area, Luxury furniture district, 20 km far from Milan, the heart of Made in Italy, where the furniture culture finds its roots and is handed down from generations. OUR KEY FEATURE CAN BE FOUND IN PRODUCTION: we are only one to have created different manufacturing centres, each of which specialized in a particular type of items: classic sofas, style sofas, bedrooms, dining rooms, wardrobes...

This diversification allows us to rationalize work and therefore costs, to exploit the synergies among different production centres, and to offer the opportunity to our customers to create a completely custom furniture. Creativity, innovation, diligence and passion are always the ingredients of our work and of our success.

Caspani Tino

CAspani Tino

Excentrique fashion furniture

EXCENTRIQUE by "Caspanifashion" was born from the desire to fuse together classic elegance with design modernity.

Beauty of carvings is enhanced by metallic details; precious fabrics quilted with geometric elegance inspired by the sophisticated and minimalist world of fashion. Dedicated to those proud of the past, but looking at the future.

For more information about day and night Excentrique collection, please contact our courtesy phone number: +39 031 3550228


An extremely comfortable sofa, designed with it's particular round shape and characterized by rich handcrafted wood carvings.

The Millionaire is the expression of the style, of the elegance and the care of details.

The best quality fabrics together with exquisite finishing, that make it one of the Masterpieces of the Caspani Tino Collection.

Caspani Tino
The magic of colors


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